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As we continue to combat Covid-19 we would like to acknowledge the fantastic work from all of our students.

At this time we would encourage you all to be aware of the following:

  • Wash and sanitise your hands regularly throughout the day, especially when entering the school and before eating.

  • Wear your mask when in the school building and ensure both your mouth and nose are covered. 

  • Keep windows in the classroom open to ensure ventilation in the room.

  • Practice social distancing in the classroom, the corridors and the yard. Maintain at least one metre distance in the classroom and corridors and two metres in the yard.

  • Stay with your year group on the yard to avoid mixing of different years.


We all have a part to play in this, protect yourselves and protect others. Below is some useful information in relation to Covid-19 and schools. You can also refer to the Link to HSE website: COVID-19 (coronavirus) -

December 2022 latest updates from the HSE:

Information links:

Resources for Parents/Guardians (Multi-Lingual) - Resources and materials for parents/guardians and for students on returning to school (multi-lingual) (

Information for students and their parents - Information for students, parents and families (

How to wear a facecovering

How to safely wear a face covering - YouTube

How to make a facecovering

How To Make Face Covering - YouTube

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