1. Code of Behaviour

This policy was developed by the Board of Management, staff, parents/guardians and students of Edmund Rice Secondary School. Our school Code of Behaviour is based on respect for oneself, for others and for our environment so that a positive and co-operative atmosphere prevails

2. Learning & Teaching Policy

Effective learning is vital to the success of any school. In this Policy we outline the roles of Students, Teachers and Parents in achieving this.

3. Literacy Policy

Improving Literacy is a key aim in Schools. Here we outline how this is achieved in our school.

4. Numeracy Policy

The aim of the Numeracy Policy is to provide for and support an environment that fosters awareness and appreciation of numeracy and an eagerness to engage with it in both abstract and contextual situations.

5. Homework Policy

This Policy aims to help Parents and Students understand the importance of Homework and how it is implemented in our school. 

6. Assessment Policy

This Policy looks at the types of Assessment used in School and a general outline of what is expected when submitting work for correction. 

7. One to One Teaching Policy

Provided it is deemed appropriate for an individual student, one-to-one teaching is provided in our School. For information relating to this, please read the attached Policy.

8. Subject Choice Policy

The objective of this policy is to inform all the partners in the school of the procedures involved in subject choice and support those students who will be requested to make subject decisions

9. Subject Level Policy

The appropriate level for a student at a particular subject should be decided following communication between the student, teacher and parent/guardian. This policy outlines the procedures involved.

10. Special Educational Needs Policy

The school is committed to making effective provision, through the Department of Education & Skills (DES) and other agencies, for those students in the school who have special educational needs. Our Policy puts a structure on these provisions. 

11. Work Experience Policy

This policy was drawn up by the staff and Board of Management of ERSS Carrick-on-Suir in order to clarify our school’s position on the Transition Year and LCVP students seeking work experience

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