Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

As the most recently appointed Principal to the school it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website. I was appointed to the role in September of 2018 and was immediately bowled over by the ethos and culture of a school that truly operates in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice. The immediate aura is of a school that exudes school community, built on caring, mutual respect and a deep love for the school and its members.

​The Monastery or the "Mon" is a welcoming school. We are proud of our Catholic ethos but we also welcome students of other faiths and cultures. We seek to create an environment that respects and celebrates diversity. The school recognizes the importance of the key partners that make up our school community. We acknowledge the support of the Board of Management (made up of ERST, Community, Parent and Teacher representatives with me acting as a non-voting secretary), Parents Council, Staff, Students Council, the student body, parents/guardians, DES, its associated agencies and the local community in Carrick-on-Suir and it’s hinterland. As our students come from a network of primary schools in Co. Tipperary, Co. Killkenny and Co. Waterford we pay tribute to all these schools and their collective staff for their work and support in the development of our students.


Mick Walsh,


About our School

The Edmund Rice Secondary School, Carrick on Suir, is a Catholic Voluntary school under the trusteeship of The Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) Formed in 1805, it was the second Christian Brothers School in the country. The present building was built in 1978 and extended in 1994 to meet the needs of an expanding curriculum.

In the years since 1805, the school has provided an education to the boys of Carrick on Suir and surrounding areas. In a rapidly changing world the school continues to provide a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice Tradition. 

Our Mission Statement

"To provide a caring Christian community, which celebrates effort and talent in an environment of hope and happiness"

Our mission statement permeates every aspect of school life. It reflects the vision of ERST in promoting full personal and social development of each student and striving to create an atmosphere where teaching and learning can excel.


The creation of a safe and positive learning environment is at the heart of what we do. We want our students to achieve their academic potential and to leave the school with a skill set which prepares them for an ever changing world. 

Our School Vision

“Learn together,

succeed together

In a respectful environment”

Our vision was drawn up in the recent past by all members of the school community with a particular emphasis placed on the thoughts of the students. It reflects how we go about our daily lives in the Edmund Rice Secondary School.

Our School and the ERST charter

The education provided in our school is premised on the ERST charter:


The Charter:

Edmund Rice was that rare combination – a creative visionary who was also immensely practical. From the humble beginnings of the first such school in Waterford in 1802, Edmund Rice Schools have played an important role in the history of Irish education for over two centuries. Today there are over a hundred of these schools in Ireland, and the Edmund Rice mission has extended to all five continents.

ERSS Carrick-on-Suir was the second school founded by Blessed Edmund Rice. Founded in 1805 based on the prototype in Mount Sion it started the revolution of Edmund Rice education in Ireland and around the world. There are currently 250,000 students attending such schools every year around the world. The great news for Blessed Edmund is than new schools are still being opened in his name and under the patronage of ERST. The newest ERST School in Carraigaline, Co. Cork opened its doors to its first students in September 2016.

At the start of the new Millennium, the Christian Brothers founded by Blessed Edmund Rice decided to hand on responsibility for the schools to a group of lay people.

The Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) was established to hold the schools in trust so that they may continue to provide Catholic education into the future for the people of Ireland. This pioneering decision marked the opening of a new and significant chapter in the history of the schools.

The process whereby lay people would take on responsibility for the schools was carefully planned during a long period of discernment. The lively and active participation of the students, staff, parents, trustees and boards of management of the schools over a four year period from 1999 to 2003 in an Identity Project was a vital part of this preparatory phase. Through reflection, and sharing, the school partners sought to reach consensus on what comprises the heart and soul of an Edmund Rice School.

Edmund Rice schools cater for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and have been quick to respond to the emerging needs of students and communities. The educational approach in the schools is neither functional nor utilitarian, but subscribes to the holistic vision expressed in the following five key elements:

·         Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values;

·         Promoting partnership;

·         Excelling in teaching and learning;

·         Creating a caring school community;

·         Inspiring transformational leadership.

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