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Attention LC 2021 students/CAO applicants!

Attention LC 2021 students/CAO applicants! Please read the following Q&A from Ms O’Keeffe. Can I accept a Round One offer while also planning an appeal of LC Exam scripts in the hope of being upgraded to a higher course choice? Yes, a Round One offer can be accepted and later superseded by taking up a later offer arising out of a successful appeal. What if I don't accept any offers I received in Round One? If an offer is not accepted by 15.00 on the 13th of September the CAO assumes that the applicant will not be accepting that offer and the places are passed on to the next eligible candidates during Round 2. But I'm hoping to receive a higher offer in Round Two Offers are made at Round Two only if there are places on a particular course that remain unfilled after Round One. There is no guarantee that a place will become available. Applicants should therefore view their Round One offer as the only offer they will receive and make their decision on this basis. If a place becomes available in Round Two on a course that you had listed as a higher preference, (and if you are next in line in the CAO system), you will receive another offer, regardless of whether or not you have accepted a place in Round One. You can then choose to stay with your original offer, or accept the new offer. (There is no fee for accepting a CAO offer). The CAO will communicate your acceptance to the college, and the college will then contact you with arrangements for starting the course. Dates for CAO Offers: Round 1 Offers - available from 7th September at 2pm Round 2 Offers - available from 10am on 20th August Round 3 offers- available from  September 28th from 10 am

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