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Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice

Today we wish our school community a very happy feast day as we celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice. To commemorate this very special day a prayer service was held in honour such an inspirational man and remember the work that he did during his lifetime. In our Religion classes today we looked back on the life and work of the Blessed Edmund Rice. We remember the massive contributions he made to education and the less fortunate. Celebrating this Feast Day allows our school community to reflect on our value of education and helps us to continue his mission by being faithful to Christ and following his example of inclusion and kindness. O God we thank you for the life of Blessed Edmund Rice. He opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice. May we follow his example of faith and generosity. Grant us the courage and compassion of Blessed Edmund as we seek to live lives of love and service.

Last Thursday April 28th, 2nd year Religion students as well as student council members attended mass in St.Nicholas’s Church to celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice

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