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Final day to Register for LC tomorrow 6pm

A message to sixth years from our Principal Mr. Leahy.

As you know the self-service portal is due to close tomorrow at 6pm. To date the Department is telling us that approximately 18,000 students have yet to register with the portal. As is often the case, there may be a bit of a rush tomorrow afternoon to complete the process. To avoid any unnecessary anxiety and the possibility of any last-minute technical issues, we are advising students to complete the registration process as soon as possible. As we have said, the advice at this stage is to opt-in to everything for now and if changes are to be made, this can be done in late April/early May when the portal will reopen.

For your information I have included a helpful video on accessing the portal that may be of assistance to you. We will also use last class tomorrow to access the portal and assist anyone who needs it.


Anthony Leahy.

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