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MEP Billy Kelleher visit

As part of our Transition Year students’ studies, all students complete the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme. EPAS aims at increasing students’ awareness of European parliamentary democracy, the role of the European Parliament and European values. It also encourages them to actively participate in EU democratic processes.

Today, as part of the EPAS Programme, Junior Ambassadors welcomed MEP Billy Kelleher (Fianna Fáil Party) to ERSS to speak about his role as an MEP and the history of Ireland joining the EU and the importance of being an active European citizen. Mr Kelleher, who is a member of the EU Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs delved into topics such as Security, Migration, Agriculture and the importance of being aware of how the EU impacts the lives of young people. He took questions from our EPAS students who were keen to find out more information on displaced persons, environmental issues such as farming and how they can become active in EU matters.

We would like to thank Mr Kelleher for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to our students and delivering a passionate and informative speech, that our TY students thoroughly enjoyed. #ERSS #TY @ep_ireland @billykellehereu

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