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Student of the Week

Final Student of the week for 2019/2020 school year:

We have come to the end of the year in terms of receiving nominations for student of the week. I would like to congratulate all students who have received nominations and all those who nominated students during the week. Next perhaps, we may get more nominations from students. In total all but 17% of students were nominated at least once.

The following students deserve a special mention as they have been nominated on more than 10 occasions. This diverse group have been nominated for things including: work ethic, sport achievement, wellbeing, greenschools, helpfulness, acts of kindness, academic success and (my favourite) excellent manners. Well done one and all, and to your parents, you can be very proud of them, as we in the school are.

Aland Ali

Cormac Cummins

Sam Garbutt

Cormac Hennessy

Adam Lonergan

Niall O’Brien

Noah O’Shea

Gearóid Power

Eoin Reid

Stefan Tobin

Student of the week:

23rd. May 2020

Winner: Shane Flynn

The winner was nominated by Mr. Stephenson.

Other students nominated this week were:

Comerford , David - Work Ethic

Comerford, Nigel - Work Ethic

Cooney, Darragh - Work Ethic

Falconer, Luke - Work Ethic

Flynn, Emmet - Work Ethic

Flynn, Shane - Work Ethic

Lonergan, Adam - Work Ethic

McCoy, Mark - Work Ethic

McKnight,Cormac - Work Ethic

Nolan, Christian - Work Ethic

O’Callaghan, Ben - Work Ethic

O'Neill, Patrick - Work Ethic

O'Shea, Noah - Work Ethic

Reid, Eoin - Work Ethic

Smith, Thomas - Work Ethic

Well done to all,



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