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Student of the Week

Eoin Reid is the winner of student of the week for the week ending 29/11/19

He was nominated by Ms. Comerford and Ms. Mulcahy

Other students nominated:

Ali, Aland -Helpful

Ali, Aland -Teamwork

Burns, Ben -Helpful

Burns, Ben -Teamwork

Casey, Dylan -Sport

Casey, Lee -Work Ethic

Casey, Lee -Greenschools

Clifford, Marc -Helpful

Daly, Séan -Sport

Derby, Sam -Helpful

Diffly, Conor- Helpful

Diffly, Eoin Work- Ethic

Dowley, Jake -Helpful

Dunne, Darragh -Helpful

Foley, Bill -Sport

Hanrahan, Daryl -Sport

Hegarty, Jack- Sport

Lonergan, Adam -Work Ethic

McKnight, Cormac -Work Ethic

O’Connell, Ronan -Greenschools

Phelan, Cody -Teamwork

Power, Gearóid- Teamwork

Reid, Eoin -Work Ethic

Reid, Eoin -Irish Drama

Ryan, Aidan -Helpful

Sheehan, Luke- Helpful

Tobin, Stefan- Teamwork

Tracey, Tim -Sport

Urbanski, Fabian -Work Ethic

Wells, Aidan- Sport

Wells, Eoghan -Helpful

Well done to all those nominated.

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