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Student of the Week

Congratulations to the Student of the Week Winner

Darragh Reade

Well done to all those nominated:

Bourke, James - Leadership

Collins, Owen - Helpful

Faulkner, Andrew- Helpful

Hahessy, Ger - Helpful

Hearne, Laurence- Leadership

Hennessey, Cormac- Work Ethic

Keane, Jack- Leadership

Littlewood, Cameron- Work Ethic

Maher, Ben- Work Ethic

Murphy, Harry- Leadership

Murphy, Zach- Sport

Peters, Adam- Helpful

Power, Killian- Sport

Reade, Darragh- Work Ethic

Reid, Tom- Leadership

Ryan, Aidan- Leadership

Sheehan, Luke- Leadership

Shortiss, Will- Work Ethic

Tracy, Tim- Helpful

Trijanic, Trivo- Sport

Wells, Aidan- Helpful

Wells, Eoghan - Leadership

Wells, Eoghan - Work Ethic

(Student of the Week - week ending 06/12/19)

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