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Student of the Week Winner

Student of the Week: 24/04/20

Winner: Killian Enright

Nominated By: Ms. Barry

This week, teachers nominated students that worked from home and engaged in their On-Line learning. Well done to all students. Participating in school work is challenging and we commend you all for your efforts during school closure.

Student's Nominated were:

Collins, Owen - Work Ethic

Enright, Killian - Work Ethic

Flynn, Emmett - Work Ethic

Flynn, Emmett - Work Ethic

Hayes, Conor - Work Ethic

Hearne, Conor - Work Ethic

Holliway, Jamie - Work Ethic

McKnight, Cormac - Work Ethic

Morrissey, Dylan - Work Ethic

Murphy, Danny - Work Ethic

Murray, Adam - Work Ethic

Power, Ben - Work Ethic

Reid, Eoin - Work Ethic

Walsh, Chris - Work Ethic

Waters, Aidan - Work Ethic

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