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Upcoming college Open days- 3rd level

More Open Day Dates can be found at

University of Galway : 06/10/23 Fri and Sat

Kildalton College 6/10/23 (Fri)

UCC: 14/10/23 (Sat)

UL, Mary I and TUS Limerick Campuses 19th Oct for 2 days

TUS Athlone 20th of Oct (Fri and Sat)

SETU Carlow Campus 26th of Oct (thurs)

TUS Clonmel Digital Campus 1st of Nov (Wed)

SETU Waterford Campus 9th and 10th of Nov (wed and Thurs)

TUS Thurles Campus Open Day 11th of Nov (Sat)

Mary I Thurles Open Day- Post Primary Teaching Degrees- Very Popular 11th of Nov (Sat)

UCD 11th of Nov (Sat)

DCU 17th of Nov (Sat)

Maynooth Uni 24th of Nov (2days Fri and Sat)

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