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Model United Nations 2024

Updated: Jan 26

Best of luck to the 15 delegates from TY representing ERSS in the Davis College Model United Nations this week. A week of fruitful debates awaits. 🇺🇳

updates available here each day!!

Day 1 of DCMUN ✅ Following welcoming speeches and a performance from the choir of Davis College, students spent the afternoon lobbying their resolutions and networking with their fellow delegates. 🇺🇳

Day 2 DCMUN ✅ The morning began with welcoming speeches from keynote speakers; the Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork, Director Katie Chapple of WWGS and international consultant and expert advisor in education, AI, sustainability citizenship, disruptive technologies Dr. Daithí Ó Murchú addressing delegates. Padraig, Kieran, John and Paul then took to the podium for their opening speeches. Delegates spoke eloquently and with purpose about their relevant issues. Debating is now underway and tomorrow will see Paul and Darragh strive to get their resolution on the issue of “Global food and water insecurity amidst changing climates” passed.

Day 3 DCMUN 🇺🇳 Today our Special Conference delegates turned their focus to the question of “data protection” and “emergency response to natural disasters”. In the General Assembly, Darragh and Paul (delegates of Lebanon) succeeded in the passing of their resolution on the question of “global food and water insecurity amidst climate change” following rigorous debate. All delegates took to the bowling alley and arcades this evening to finish the day.

Day 4 of MUN 🇺🇳 Davis College Model United Nations drew to a close today, ending proceedings with their closing ceremony. Over the last four days, our delegates represented their countries and their school with prestige and pride. They enjoyed partaking in contentious debates, submitting amendments and fighting for resolutions. Thank you to Davis College for hosting such an enjoyable event. Thank you to our 15 TY delegates for their excellent behaviour and hard work over the week. See some of our highlights of our trip to DCMUN24 below in our Instagram video 🇺🇳

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