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Model United Nations day 2

Model United Nations 🇺🇳.

Day 2 of DCMUN23, opened with an welcoming address from Lord Mayor Deirdre Ford and an inspiring speech from keynote speaker Saoirse Mackin, National Executive of the Social Democrats. Opening speeches commenced, ERSS were represented to the highest level by the delegate of Egypt (Conor H) and the delegate of Turkey (Cormac H) in the General Assembly. While in the Special Conference, our delegate of Egypt (Odhran B) took to the podium. All three delegates spoke eloquently, highlighting their extensive research into the various issues and displaying excellent public speaking ability. Following the break, resolutions on issues such as Euthanasia and Educational Systems were up for debate. Contentious issues which entailed an afternoon of amendments and points of information for clarification. After their hard work at the conference, our students enjoyed bowling and pizza in the evening.

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