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Science Week - Friday

Our Science Show took place today. We welcomed 6th class boys from The Green School to participate in some science activities. We had great excitement in the labs where students made Elephant toothpaste, experimented with gases, Liquid Nitrogen and Ooblek. Experiments were lead by some of our 5th and 6th year Physics students:

The 6th class pupils also attended a Science Talk, lead by our TY and 3rd year Students, who are participating in a science competition Sci-Fest. They also participated in a Quiz and a "Snakes&Ladders" games designed by TY students to promote Sustainability.

Throughout the week our teachers of all subjects have linked their lessons to science. In English class, 1st years learned about the layout of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. They then created their own front pages of a newspaper, detailing scientists and their discovery. A mix of fact and fiction with a flair for creativity.

A very enjoyable week in school for all students celebrating science week!! Thank you to all the helpers involved in events throughout the week.

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