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TY Activity Centre Kilkenny

Our Transition Years travelled to Kilkenny Activity Centre Thursday this week to take part in Paintballing and Bubble Football. Paintball is a fantastic way to learn many practical skills. 1. Communication: Our Transition Years had to communicate effectively when playing paintball to have a successful game. 2. Leadership: Strong leadership skills can be developed, demonstrated, or even recognized in paintball. The skills you learn on the paintball field may be applied at school, and leaders emerged right before our eyes. 3. Relieving Stress: When it comes to school, stress has the potential to be a hugely negative and even destructive force. Paintball is a sure-fire way to de-stress, no matter what the source of your tension may be. 4. Problem Solving: Paintball is a game of agility and strategy. A well-planned strategy and the ability to think two steps ahead of your opponents are necessary to ensure that you and your team take the best possible route to victory. This is another totally transferable skill. 5. Improving Relationships Even though shooting at your fellow students may seem counterproductive, paintball is an excellent way to strengthen bonds among students and boost the spirit of cooperation.

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