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TY mini company

A very successful day at ERSS as TY students got the opportunity to show case their mini company products to all staff and students in the school. TY parents also came to visit and support all students.

During this morning events Ms Gleeson & Tina Mulhearne (Local Enterprise Tipperary) judged the students. The competition was so strong two teams will represent ERSS at the regional final at senior level in Thurles and one group in the intermediate category.

Senior category representing ERSS regional final - “Giv Em Socks” Bill O Connell, Kieran Doyle and Zack Tobin. Senior category representing ERSS regional final - JD Crafts - John Knox and Darragh Frisby.

Most original design and logo - Blue Bell Cards - Alvin Wang & Zach O'Keeffe

Intermediate Category winners (2nd Years) Representing ERSS at regional final

“Splash, Crack & Dough” - Liam og O'Dwyer & Geoffrey O'Shea

Best display - Donn Delights - Paul Keane, Conor Power & Matthew O’Brien

Most sustainable and environmentally friendly- HD Designs - DJ Knox & Henri Culleton

Best interview - Hugo Del Hoyo Alonso

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