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GAA Fressstyle Challenge

🎊 So as part of our Motivational Monday, we are setting you all a few challenges to remind us of the importance of being active, the first is a sporting one. 🏐🏑⚽️

Let’s all get involved, there’s a prize for the winning entry. 🥇Winners will be announced on Friday.

As part of Wellbeing Week in our school, we are hosting a "GAA Freestyle Challenge".

We are looking for a short video clip: 1. Please tag us on our Facebook page, private message or email 2. Use the hashtag #ERSSFreestyle20 3. Clips can include hurling and/or football 4. Students can use family members as part of the challenge. 5. In your video, please nominate other students to take up the challenge.

We ask parents/guardians to ensure that children/youths observe HSE guidelines on groupings and gatherings while involved in this activity. *The best video will be announced on Friday with a prize! We look forward to seeing all the skills of our students this week. Best of luck!

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