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Past Pupil Laurence Hearne (Rathgormack)

Why enrol here at the ERSS?

We asked one of our past pupils to speak about his time here. So next up in our series of "ERSS is the best, forget the rest" is Laurence Hearne, past pupils of the ERSS and Rathgormack NS. Laurence was a very active member of our school community during his six years here. He was part of the Student's Council, Amber Flag committee promoting positive mental health and the young SVP to name a few. Laurence worked hard in class and won awards for his Academic Achievements. He has gone on to begin his studies this year in the University of Limerick.

We wish Laurence all the best and no doubt he has a very bright future ahead of him. Enrolment for September 2021 will close on November 6th. Please see our website for details

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