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Science Week - Monday

Today marked the beginning of Science Week 2022 here in the school to coincide with National events. Students were excited to take part in many of the events taking place during science classes throughout the day.

Groups took part in table quizzes in their science classes. This was a good opportunity to work together and help with areas of revision.

5th and 6th year students started work on projects. Physics and Biology students were set the challenge of presenting their ideas in a new way. 5th year Physics began making T-Shirts based on their studies of a famous scientist while 6th year Physics started marking and decorating masks. 6th Year Biology looked at inheritance of genetic traits and made posters.

Some 2nd year Science students watched documentaries while others took part in a game of Pictionary. Students were given a science term and they had to communicate this with their group using pictures. There was great excitement in class as groups battled to win prizes for most correct answers.

Riddle of the day. We asked students a question today, via social media and the science notice board. Answers will be collected in school at reception up to Friday morning and prizes will be given for correct answers at the end of the week. Today's riddle:

Question 1.

You will find me in Mercury,

Earth and Mars

But not in Venus and Neptune.

What am I?

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