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Science Week - Thursday

1st years had fun this evening having their faces (and arms) painted. Our very talented 5th year Physics and Biology students ran the event and there was many smiling faces. 5th years wore their T-Shirts, made earlier this week in Physics especially for the event, with details of famous scientists.

Art students were involved in celebrating Science Week. The famous artist Leonardo da Vinci was a keen scientists and students studied his life and work and contributions to science. French class studied a french section of their book about science and medicine.

3rd and 1st years took part in lessons about gases and got to make some unusual creations - volcanoes, elephant tooth paste and Liquid Nitrogen. These classes definitely got the thumbs up from the students!

Ms Wheatley's TY class isolated their DNA during class today while studying genetics:

Our final riddle of the day involves the periodic table and it's symbols. Entries can be posted in the box at reception. Please include your name and year with the correct answer.

We look forward to our big event of the week tomorrow. 6th class boys from The Green School will join us for some games and a science show.

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