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Student of the Week

Our Student of the Week this week is Paul Keane, 3rd year.

Paul was nominated by his teachers to acknowledge his hard work, excellent behaviour and helpfulness. Paul is pictured with his year head Ms O'Neill.

Well done to all the students nominated this week:

Alex Walsh 1st year

Most improved

Ben Dawson 1st year

Excellent behaviour; Helpful; Positivity; Team work

Cian Sievewright 2nd Year

Helpful; Excellent behaviour; Work ethic; Positivity;

Danny Murphy 2nd Year


Conor O'Meara 3rd Year

Sporting achievement

Conor Power 3rd Year

Work ethic; Excellent behaviour;

Paul Keane 3rd Year

Work ethic; Excellent behaviour; Helpful

Ben Moriarty 5th Year

Most improved

Eoin Reid 5th Year

Team work

Thomas Smith 5th Year

Leadership; Helpful; Engagement with fellow students in school, on trips & parents/guardians & 6th class pupils at Open Night

Bill Foley 6th Year

Leadership; Positivity; Helpful; Work ethic

Josh Hegarty 6th Year

Helpful; Leadership; Team work;

Scott Nolan 6th Year


Jack Gough T.Y.


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