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T.Y. Bodhrán Making

Michael Vignoles is one of a rare breed of craftsmen left in Galway. He crafts Bodhrán drums, Uilleann Pipes and other items in his Claddagh workshop in Galway city. His instruments are played by musicians worldwide. Michael Vignoles takes his wonderful ‘hands-on’ workshop to schools around Ireland, teaching TY Students how to make and play a bodhrán. Today our Transition Year students were supplied all the materials to make a complete bodhrán (ie frame, goatskin, crossbars tacks etc) in their mission is to complete a bodhrán. After the bodhrán is complete the students were shown how to personalise their bodhrán with a design of their choice followed by a lesson on Jigs and reels. To thoroughly enjoyable day and a highlight of the year so far.

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