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T.Y. Motoring!

On Thursday February 6th, our TY Students traveled to the Munster Driving Campus in Mallow, where they got to drive in a car with an instructor and looked at the inside of a car engine. They covered the key questions asked in the Driving Test and learned how to change a tyre. They sat the Driver Theory Test in groups, wore beer goggles to highlight the dangers of drink driving and test their reaction speed while driving.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our students who plan on sitting their Theory Test/Driving Test in the coming year.

Special mention to Aaron, whose speed reaction was the quickest in our group and got onto their Hall of Fame for the top 20 quickest reaction times and to Patrick who won a free driving lesson with the Munster Driving Campus.

Thank you to all at the Munster Driving Campus and Ms. Moylan and Mr. Carroll for attending on the day.

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