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TY Graduation 2023

Our Transition Year students graduated on Monday May 29th. Their Year Head Mr Foran presented awards and certificates on the night, with the help of Mr Myles Mitchel (former vice-principal).

Excellence Awards:

This award was presented to those students that excelled in their participation in the Transition Year Program. They gave their all each and everyday, excelled both academically and in their school spirit, in keeping with the values of Edmund Rice.

Cormac Hennessy and Cormac Cummins were the winners of the overall awards for Transition Year Students.

Students were also presented with their Gaisce Certificates and Medals. A great achievement that so many of the group completed their Bronze achievement award.

Student Speeches:

Our Graduation Night marked the end of the year for our Transition Year students. They took this opportunity to give an account of their time in TY to their families. We heard wonderfully spoken accounts of the activities they took part in, about guest speakers that visited the school, sports, events and training modules they took part in.

Thank you to everyone that made the Graduation Night very special. Well done to all the TY students that presented and spoke about the year. To Mr Foran for his hard work in putting together the event. Thank you to Ms Kirwan and Mr Guilfoyle for the beautiful music and singing and also to Cormac Hennessy and Cormac Cummins for their musical interlude as well as presenting on the night. We again recognise the support and commitment of Ms Gleeson (Principal) and Ms Barry (Vice-Principal). Without their dedication and drive, programs such as Transition Year would not be half the success they are in our school.

A very special thank you to Mr Mitchel for his continued support to our school and wonderful speech on the night.

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